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Well it's today. And dA's "prank" for this year, while revolving around a deader than dirt meme, is definitely nothing like what dA did for 2008 and 2010 (which I will never forget >_>).

Heck not much has been going on this year for April Fools, just companies teasing us with products that'll never get made even if it would be theoretically possible.
It's been that long, eh?
Well yeah, I joined in 2009, and even in 2017 I'm showing no signs of stopping, no matter how many breaks and hiatuses I wind up in.

Thanks again to all my friends and fans for the support.
For anyone that follows Aozora's Adventure, I have a concept that I've been thinking about for a couple of months now for a new team of villains (yeah I tend to have an interest in them).

Introducing, the Eleven Weapons.…

They're kinda recent ideas (about January this year or so) so I don't have them plotted out yet to a full extent.

And no, they're not part of WARMAN.

Otherwise I'm doing fine. Trying to figure out what to work on next, swarmed with ideas of both original and fan arts that it's become kinda hard for me to decide which one would drive me to finishing it in a good timeframe. ^^;
Well now, it's been a while since my last full in-depth journal.
If you're questioning it, my condition I'm fine, still talking with some guys on Twitter and Discord and considering ideas for art. Unfortunately I haven't been in the mood to do new art for some time since Valentines' Day concluded, after some more err, "events" occurred late February and early March that kinda killed the momentum I've accumulated back in January.

Let's just say I had to put up with a lot of crap for months now, and I feel as if in this day and age I've become a bit... insecure about myself. I'm not letting it get to my head, but I still think about what's happened from time to time and it hurts.

So yeah, the Nintendo Switch also came out, and... predictably I don't own one yet- mainly thanks to the mirage of hardware issues and poor design choices that surfaced at launch, and I'm a bit reluctant to grab it as soon as possible (especially considering the steep price tag). ARMS is a title I want to try out though, alongside Snipperclips and a few others. For retro stuff, I'm currently setting my eyes on getting a PC Engine on eBay (kinda not worth getting a TurboGrafx with how much the Japanese library outclasses it).

In terms of my own content, the Aozora Wiki is still getting gradual updates- especially with the inclusion of "Rock-Aozora 4" characters like Daiyama, Jamji, and Mr. Morph that now have full profile images curtesy of several different artists (with Blasthor, Yasei, and Sonnerie in progress). Two other characters for "Aozora RPG 2" are also in consideration, but I need to find an artist to do one of them, and wait out a bit to get more funds for the other.

That is all.
This isn't going to be a long post, but happy valentines' day!
I'm in the process of drawing some new art~ ;3……………

Yeah, I'm unveiling some of my Arc 4 concepts- figured just to get them out of the way.
I decided to bump my personal Discord server to see if anyone wants to join.

Okay I'm just going to spill the beans.

Remember that drama I hinted at several times last month and into this month? Well, I'll spill most of the just on what exactly happened and how it all went to shit, since I'm sick of ranting about it all the time on Twitter

I don't intend to drag my followers into this mess, so feel free to just ignore this and keep browsing the site. I also will not be giving out names out of good spirit.

Basically, a friendship form long long ago was silently collapsing and riding into the pits of hell since early September- only getting worse the following October after a big event arose.

Then, sometime before the middle of December, this guy got the impression that I was interacting with and "helping" all his friends on Facebook for the purpose of coning all his friends into free artwork, even though in truth and most importantly of all it was just to get interactions from them (and because Facebook automatically prioritize posts on people you interact with frequently, which is still a dumb system to begin with). While I did say the possibility of getting artwork from these friends of his, I did not make it the ultimate reason I did add these friends of his to begin with. I wouldn't have cared whenever or not his friends did draw stuff for me as I already get plenty of comms (even though I can't invest in really costly stuff.

Then came the day it happened, an art stream on Picarto goes live, hosted by a friend of the aforementioned "friend". I bring up something civil about "it would be nice if one day I did get something form you" via PM. and at first all seems fine. Then the stream ends and suddenly I receive a big "The Reason you Suck" speech in the form of a massive wall of text from the streamer, saying that it made them uncomfortable followed by an immediate block with no chance to reply. Then the "friend" pops up, shits on me, and blocks me across every site as well.

Afterwards I go asking for help from friends of this guy on what to do to better myself as a person, with mixed results. One artist that is good friends with the "friend"; thanks to me wording my explanations wrong as I was rushing things while trying to apply damage control incase the "friend" started making announcements in secret that I was a fraud/begger (bringing up only the "may have been trying to use their friends for free art" part) only got angry from the comments and sometime later in January after about two weeks of being mute likely decided "nope, it's true, SJB is art begging scum. BLOCKED."Doesn't help that I bought at least two hundred dollars worth of commissions from this person and originally we got along so well via e-mail, only for this drama to kill and silence the relationship.

So then we come to today. Despite things quieting down and me finding peace with some new friends (including those on Discord), the stains of this drama still linger in my mind and on some days/nights I find myself being drowned out and going mute over what I was forced to endure, and to this day I doubt if things will ever return to what they were. But for now I'll just move on and not let this hurt me any further, as this has already driven me to tears the week it happened (yes, it hurt me that much) and I do not wish to make things worse. Depending on how things progress I may try to clear up the act sometime in the few months, especially since it sucks to be apart of a huge misunderstanding that led to the downfall of several friendships.

Here's to a great 2017! :party:
Hopefully I'll put out some more productive content and ideas in the new year. ;)
Well now what to talk about?

oh right. :idea:

HAPPY HOLIDAYS~! :dance: :party: :santa:

To anyone that may be reading this, my apologies to anyone who thinks I support them in hopes of obtaining fan art. This is just not the case. I support artists I truly like and respect. I’ve always struggled with saying things the wrong way, or accidently hurting people’s feelings. Most of my friendships only exist online and likes and commissioned/fan art means a lot to me to the point where I seem to focus on it too much. Like most, I wish I was more popular. Sometimes I get jealous of the success or popularity of others and say things I shouldn’t even when I know they earned it and I'm sorry about it. Having fellow artists as my friends is really important to me and I will continue to work on my people skills.

That is all I'll say about the drama I had to go through last night and today.

I really do.
My head hurts, I'm tired, and I can't smile.
I feel like everything i've done to better myself and support others now means nothing.
And now I need to find ways to better myself in those departments.
I dunno if things will ever heal.
So one of my Facebook friends asked if they could commission me something, leading to me possibly considering opening up shop for commissions of my own.

Now because of the quality my art probably entails, I'd start cheap, like about 15 for something in the style of my standard arts. I'll make a commission sheet with some art showing off the options for prices- lineart, color, and color+shaded, plus guidelines for commissioners.

If more people would be interested in seeing SJB-brand commissions, I'll lean towards opening up shop.

With that said, happy holidays to everyone.

Yes progress has been on borderline hiatus recently, between lots of my time being eaten up by Pokemon Sun and a general lack of desire to do art (for reasons I've covered already)

I'm planing to get my hands on a drawing table to experiment with traditional work, including sketching out more of the characters in Aozora's Adventure. I'll be posting some of the better sketches to dA whenever they get feedback or not, and if they work well enough in my favor I'll consider making the designs into full-fledged artworks (that is if my social and gaming life doesn't take that time away) considering Chouko's profile art has been giving me trouble.

I'll probably also do sketches of designs featuring some Gaiden Arc 3 characters designed by others, to give a better feel of how they'd look like in my style. I may also decide to doodle up some designs from this blogpost:…

And that's all I got. Happy thanksgiving to those that celebrate it and enjoy the holiday season next month.
Before I dwelve into discussing some subjects about my series, I wanted to take the time to wish everyone a pleasant halloween, or "Spoop-O-Ween" as I'd like to call it.

Anyways, yes, I have plans to launch one more batch of OC's (including some Arc 3 concepts I haven't materialized much) for Aozora's Adventure before I officially call the main/high priority rosters finished. Cause well, I already have a massive roster of characters and form the looks of things I'm better off looking for ways to develop what I got before rolling on to make more.

The first drafts of this "final expansion" first came to mind around February this year, and I dropped hints about it's existence in the coming months such as through this blogpost on the Aozora's Adventure blog. Then earlier this month I posted the list of concepts for these new characters on that same blog, going into more detail on the concepts than ever before. In this list, the characters were listed with their temporary Mega Man-style names, and because of a small sequence of influences beforehand, Computer and Morph Man became more prioritized than the other six, leading to a base sketch of Computer Man and the rough draft of Morph Man that I published last night on dA.

i'll probably do another pic of Morph Man with a visualization closer to what I have in my mind, perhaps traditionally, another time. Afterwards I'll see about getting the rest of Computer and the other six Arc 4 concepts commissioned (along with the leftover Arc 2 and 3 cast mentioned in my last journal)

I wish my family didn't get rid of the big drawing table that was in one of the other rooms of my house; it was a great place for me to do traditional works but then my father trashed it when he decided he didn't need it anymore cause he would be moving all his building drafting and measuring business to a computer. Though I heard the table's still lying around somewhere...

I'll try to find more opportunities for art and other productive works; in the meantime thanks to everyone for sticking around, I may not have a big expansive fanbase but I'm thankful for everyone I got, and I won't give up.

Also, a reminder that tI'll be attending Derpycon next month, it should go a bit more smoothly for me compared to Comic Con.

Greetings world. It's nearing the end of October and my artwork had sadly not progressed much since I posted the update on Chouko. I just haven't bothered to touch it all that much aside from adding more details into the right roller-boot.

The Aozora's Adventure series itself is still in as much as a stalemate as it's ever been, aside from receiving designs of Yukon and Michitaro from DogSmilez and d13mon-studios recently. As I announced previously, my current goal is to develop the current existing designs for the concepts for Acts 1 through 3 of the series and try to find a way to get the game concepts made into a physical playable game.

The remaining cast of Aozora's Adventure Gaiden (A full design reference of Bojun and Kelthilda), Aozora's Adventure 3 (RandolphWernherFlorenciaVasumanTremaineKonomiHaru, and Atsuen), and Rock-Aozora 3 (the rest of ButchKalmanu, and Ottomar) are on my priority list of characters I'm looking to develop the visual appearances of a bit more through sketches (which i've been heavily slacking on, my apologies). Lower on the priority list are designs such as LachlanKabernoNovaGunthorEugene, and the cast of Aozora's Adventure RPG 2 (excluding Stefan but including his mech)

(apologies for the Wiki link spam)

A kickstarter for the series and my other projects is out of the question since I don't really have any means of being able to program/code (especially for a series of ambitious games), nor get a webcomic of the series made. If I could code, the ones I'd probably be focusing on the most would be Aozora II, III, and the Rock-Aozora trilogy, since those five projects tend to get onto my mind the most out of all the Aozora game concepts, plus they'd be easy to develop (from my perspective) since they're 2D games with maybe some very minor 3D elements.

I'll post something that should show off some of the visual aspects for the undesigned characters. From there I'll see if i can do more sketches or other visual ideas.

If you want, here's my Discord channel:
Here's an update just so everyone doesn't think I'm dead.

Chouko is getting some gradual progress, the top of her skirt is now complete, though I'm unsure when it'll ultimately be finished. The home stretch will come when I finish the rest of the lineart and proceed to coloring/shading. From there I'll devote the rest of my time (when I bother to work on art that is) to finishing up Sharkane.

If anyone cares, I'll be attending New York Comic Con on October 6th for a bit, so if you see a somewhat large guy with brown-dyed-yellow hair, that's likely to be me. Dunno how long I'll be there, perhaps for an hour or two until my legs start to give in (cause I keep forgetting to sit down!)

Afterwards I dunno what else I'll do. Just keep searching for an incentive to draw and try to commission some more artists, may try to find an artist that could do a M-11 WARWOMAN with a design/build a bit closer to how I imagined her so I can finally call the series done for now till the day I finally learn how to program or develop other concepts a bit further.

Dunno what else to say.
Well today I woke up feeling like crap, my chronic sinuses got the best of me and some dust flew into one of my nostrils for some reasons, causing it to swell up with mucus while denying me breathing through my nose, and even after taking like 5 or 6 different kinds of pills, it still remained clogged for what felt like eternity and I could barely sleep...

Okay you guys didn't need to hear that, I apologize.

Anyways I'll tell you a bit about my current stuff. As I said in the past Aozora's Adventure is not getting any new character concepts put out, and the ones that are are for existing stories that don't have a visual appearance yet. I know I've gone overboard with all this overplanning of game concepts for the series, having 12 full game/story concepts and 120 unique OC's or OC concepts as of now. October 21st will be the series' seventh anniversary.

WARMAN's main roster is now considered complete, with all 10 of the WARMEN now having full designs a little after 4 years of first starting the series. While it certainly has not gone as far as Aozora has, it has evolved far past the original concept for it that I posted to dA back in 2012, dealing with more than just one alien race and possibly having things like rival teams of humans and/or androids, friendly alien species, and other enemies having fights with each other, though the series has not advanced that far enough to start thinking about what other characters could exist, other than the various leading scientists that brought the WARMEN and WARWOMEN to life (which are, to a certain extent, meant to be a representative of the IRL designers of each model)

At the moment, I'm awaiting one final design for the WARMAN series so I can call the two rosters complete thus far: The design of the second protagonist M-11 WARWOMAN. The one that'll lead her female-dominant team to above and beyond the same way M-10 led his male-dominant team to victory.

Other than that, not much else. I do plan for what the WARMAN series would feature following WARWOMAN, which I've talked about in the past on my main blog and Twitter, though right now I'm trying to steer clear from it since I still don't have the ability to make any of the WARMAN concepts or Aozora for that matter into true playable formats. All I'll say is that it's planned to have eight new models total and they'll be geared for aerial combat with more tools and parts to keep them flying than just some jet packs and thruster packs. It'd be called "SKYMAN" and the dystopian landscape would now extend to floating colonies on a new planet while the citizens on Earth (and some of the friendly alien races previously met by the WARMEN and WARWOMEN) would work to restore Earth while the SKYMEN and SKYWOMEN engage in wars on land and aerial dogfights in the sky to protect this new planet from both old and new threats, all while keeping the series' tradition of shirtless and muscled-up boy and girl mechas.

That's pretty much it for now.