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Yes progress has been on borderline hiatus recently, between lots of my time being eaten up by Pokemon Sun and a general lack of desire to do art (for reasons I've covered already)

I'm planing to get my hands on a drawing table to experiment with traditional work, including sketching out more of the characters in Aozora's Adventure. I'll be posting some of the better sketches to dA whenever they get feedback or not, and if they work well enough in my favor I'll consider making the designs into full-fledged artworks (that is if my social and gaming life doesn't take that time away) considering Chouko's profile art has been giving me trouble.

I'll probably also do sketches of designs featuring some Gaiden Arc 3 characters designed by others, to give a better feel of how they'd look like in my style. I may also decide to doodle up some designs from this blogpost:…

And that's all I got. Happy thanksgiving to those that celebrate it and enjoy the holiday season next month.
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November 23, 2016


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