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By this point I don't really know what to do. A friend of mine on Facebook suggested I use the (usual) lack of feedback my arts get as an incentive to draw more, but I've been having a hard time trying to enjoy doing art, unless it's something super-simple like that Butch headshot I doodled up.

Motivation for me is just very rare and I tend to take extremely long breaks from it because I genially enjoy chatting with friends, making up stories, and gaming moreso than doing art. Even when I have music going or watching a friend's art stream, I just can't pick up my mouse and work on one of my character profile arts in short because I don't find having to re-do the same bit of lineart over and over to get it right any fun. That's the larger reason why Chouko and Sharkane are still unfinished. Heck, I'm unsure and even doubting if streaming myself on Picarto or starting up a Patreon (which is in the planning stages!) would drive me to work more.

Also I should say I find writing to be a bit more entertaining to a certain extent

As you've probably guessed my personal RP group AozoraTheRoleplay has been a miserable failure since launch. Very likely since it doesn't have an established lore like what an RP group based on a manga/anime/established franchise would (along with lack of visual references for parts of it's world) sue to it's "anything goes" nature. Maybe someday activity will spark and suddenly I can form a new world with it's own selection of characters, plus get some mods to help run and moderate.

With that said, farewell.
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LinkerLuis Featured By Owner Edited Jul 25, 2016   Digital Artist
I would suggest to try drawing all sorts of characters and different styles. Don't think it too much, and draw even if it doesn't look good at first. You can always make another picture. :nod: and you can also try fan art of your favorite characters beside your OC's

I don't know how far you went on my patreon Post, but I used to share my drawing process the first couple of months, I just stopped because there were not enough artist supporting make it worthwhile.

I also made a small video, that can give you ideas on how to make simple and easy to draw characters.

Let me know if you would be interested in hearing tips of suggestions in tutorial format, I've always wanted to try, but I'm not sure how many people would find it useful :)
Superjustinbros Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Would you be interested in character sketches like these?
Claud Sketch by Superjustinbros
LinkerLuis Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2016   Digital Artist
Claud Sketch By Superjustinbros edited by LinkerLuis

I would recommend a little of Photoshop manipulation to get rid of the page grays and make the lines sharper. You can also pack several sketches in one submission, It can even be of several different topics, if you get stuck in sketch start another one in the same page.

I bet you've seen some of my examples, it's not the first time I've done it.…

Truth is, that if you improve your sketches you'll be better at defining your idea, eventually you'll draw faster. Granted it might not drag the attention you want, but it will prevent you to get stuck in a single drawing for days. You can also go back to one of your sketches and make it a full digital artwork based on it.
Superjustinbros Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the advice.
LinkerLuis Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2016   Digital Artist
No problem. Like I said, you should try fan art from time to time. You'll learn a lot just by looking for references and drawing the elements you see in the characters :nod:
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July 25, 2016